My dream gadgets…

What if money were no object and you could have anything you wanted, what would you buy? Would you buy strictly travel related items or simply items that you might not even have a use for?

I have thought long and hard about what I would buy if money were no object and here is my wish list of my must have gadgets.

  • First and for most I would purchase an Apple iPad even though I already own an iPhone the thought of holding a bigger and better version of the iPhone just makes me excited.
  • Second on my shopping extravaganza is for the Amazon Kindle. After purchasing one for my better half for Christmas and realizing how much he loves it and how it benefits his travel, I am now yearning for one myself (hint hint).
  •  I would then very much like to have a new laptop preferably in PINK and possibly the Sony VAIO series.
  • I have always wanted a video camera ever since I first started taking trips with my family, I was always jealous of the other families carrying around video cameras, I really like using the Sony Flip Camcorder, it is super easy, now I just need to own one.

I have never been good with “wanting” items. I generally just buy what I need. I don’t get me wrong I will splurge on new cosmetics here and there but as far as “big-ticket” items are concerned I don’t do a whole lot of spending in that department; mainly because I don’t have the money but also because I have never really been into material possessions.

My dream list above are all items that I can for see using on a daily and monthly basis and honestly they do not seem that out of reach. Complying this list has shown me what I should be saving my pennies for and not just a Juicy Couture bag.

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