My Reverse Bucket List

I think in the 5 years since I started blogging I have only done 1 bucket list. I’ve never been the bucket list kinda gal and that’s okay-until I found an idea for a reverse bucket list. Highlighting everything that you have accomplished in your life. So I figured why not brag a little bit and what better place to do it than here! I think it’s important to acknowledge accomplishments because we always seem to be focused on what we want to do, forgetting that we have already done so much!

Here is a reverse bucket list of my life thus far: 

I traveled solo to Costa Rica for two weeks to teach ESL (you can actually read about my travels here on the site)

I taught myself how to use WordPress and pretty much everything else geek related

I have a degree in Psychology

I have never ate a Twinkie (shocking I know)

I have traveled all over Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii

I am restraint certified (watch out!)

I am interning for my chemical dependency license

I have a 3.9 GPA towards my counseling degree

I can play the clarinet, saxophone, and violin

I have over 2000 followers on Twitter

I have been blogging for 5 years

I ran a 5k (twice)

See wasn’t that fun to remissness about all the things that have happened over the course of your life?! I bet you were thinking about all the awesome things that have happened to you as well. This list instantly put me in a good mood, especially when I think about the 3 instruments that I can play-wasted talent right there! If I had to think about it, there are other things that I can’t wait to do in my life which would go on a regular bucket list, but for now I think this list serves it’s purpose! I would challenge you to create your own reverse bucket list and think about all the great things you have done!


xoxo Lindsay

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