Myrtle Beach, SC: Not just for the golfers part 1

Guest Post by Jennifer Pelletier

Before I had visited Myrtle Beach, just the sound of it and I would  instantly think golf.  While golf and miniature golf is extremely popular in Myrtle Beach it is not all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.  This area of South Carolina is a beautiful place to visit.  From the sandy beaches to shopping, and golf (if that’s your thing) there is plenty to do in this town.
From North Myrtle Beach down to the beach itself route 17 has tons of miniature golf in every direction that you look.  From normal courses to theme inspired courses you will be sure to find one that fits your fancy.  Route 17 is also lined with restaurants of all kinds so that your tummy won’t ever be hungry.  Italian, Chinese, Japanese, steak houses, buffets…you’ll find it all in your travels.  Whether you just want to grab some fast food, or you’re looking for sit down dining you will find it in your travels on route 17.  If you like pancakes…yes I said pancakes; then you are in luck!  There are “pancake houses” on almost every block.  I always heard that pancake houses were popular in the south, but I had no idea until I drove down route 17.
The beaches are beautiful. They are kept extremely clean, and most of them have a boardwalk on them that lead to shopping and food establishments. People lounge around in their chairs with bright colored umbrellas, and children play in the water. There are water sports that are also available such as parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing, fishing, boating, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. Even if beaches don’t interest you still take a walk by on the boardwalk to see how nice they are. You won’t be disappointed.

Ocean Boulevard is a very popular road in Myrtle Beach.  It runs along the water, and is where the majority of beach stores and hotels are located.  There are plenty of paid parking lots to park in for the day so that you can walk around and enjoy this area.  From Ocean Blvd you can walk along the beach on the boardwalk, or walk on the sidewalk browsing through the many beach shops.  There are many other attractions on Ocean Blvd.  Ripley’s has a number of attractions on this road all in the same general area.  These attractions are Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Ripley’s Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Moving Theater, and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure which is an interactive haunted house that is open year round.  Tickets can be purchased individually at each attraction or in packages at a ticket booth outside of the moving theater.  Active military gets a discount on the attractions if you show your military ID.  There is also another haunted house on Ocean Blvd called Nightmare Haunted House.  I have not been so I am not sure what they hours of operation are.  I did visit all of the Ripley’s attractions, and found them all to be fun.  The museum is strange and entertaining all at the same time.  If you enjoy seeing bizarre things then the museum is the place to visit.  There are a couple water parks located on Ocean Blvd that offer a variety of slides.  Also, there are a couple small amusement parks.  One offers a bungee sling shot type attraction (not really sure what to call it, because I’m far too afraid to try it out).  Another small amusement park offers a wooden rollercoaster and smaller rides for children.


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