Myrtle Beach, SC: Not Just For The Golfers Part 2

Guest Post by Jennifer Pelletier

For shopping and even more fun in the sun you have to visit Broadway at the Beach.  This is set on over 350 acres around a lake with various board walks across the lake, and features over 100 stores and other various attractions and restaurants.  Some of the stores range from Victoria’s Secrets, Yankee Candle, Crazy Shirts, Sunglass Hut, Myrtle Beach Soap Co., Ron Jon Surf Shop, Retro Active (which has just about everything from the 1980’s), The Stupid Factory (which has a huge variety of funny t-shirts and other items), and tons more.  Some of the other attractions there are an IMAX 3D Theater, Ripley’s Aquarium (which is also included in the packages you can purchase on Ocean Blvd), MagiQuest (which is an interactive live-action role playing game), Nascar Speed Park, and a movie theatre.

The Ripley’s Aquarium features a walk through tunnel with moving sidewalk so you feel like you’re in the tank with the sharks and other fish.  It also features a tank that you can reach into and pet sting rays as they swim by.  If you get hungry during all the shopping and attractions not to worry; Broadway at the Beach has tons of places to eat.  Along with outdoor food vendors there are a wide variety of restaurants to sit down and eat.

There is a Margaritaville, Hard Rock Café, Senor Frogs, Fat Tuesday, Joe’s Crab Shack, Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery, Planet Hollywood, KISS Coffeehouse, and Tony Roma’s…just to name a few.  Once your tummy is satisfied you may be too full to walk around.  If this is the case then you can pay a fee, jump into a harness, and zip line across the lake to the other side.  If you choose to work off your meal you can pay a fee, and climb into a water walking ball.  The ball is inflated with you inside, and you are rolled off a ramp into the lake.  You can then stand up and walk around the lake while in your ball.  It’s almost like a human hamster ball.  If you can hold your balance in it long enough to move then you’re literally walking on water!  You can also rent paddle boats, and take a spin around the lake.

Most of the restaurants have live entertainment in the evening.  The majority of them also offer happy hour and drink specials.  Sometimes during the summer there are street parties, fireworks, and other events going on in the evening.  At the bottom of the steps of the Hard Rock Café there is an area with a New Orleans feel called Celebrity Square.  It is the nightclub district that features clubs and other night time hot spots.  If you prefer to end your day in a more relaxing way you can get a helicopter tour of the beach.  These tours depart from various locations and all start at around $20.00.

Next time someone mentions Myrtle Beach don’t just think of golf.  Think of the many other options that Myrtle Beach, SC has to offer.  This is a place to visit with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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