NARS, I heart you

By Lisa Peterson, A Little Tete a Tete, Editor

It’s true. While I don’t have as many NARS products as I would like (give me time!), it is still one of my favorite brands out there. When I think of NARS, I think of quality, beauty, and elegance. My two favorites are (of course) Orgasm and Night Star. Who doesn’t love Orgasm? Not this girl. In case you live under a rock, here is a picture of the two lovelies the day I bought them:

Pretty, huh? Let’s start with Orgasm, shall we? (At least, that’s what I always say!) When you think of NARS, their ever popular shade Orgasm should totally come to mind. Trust me on this, Ladies! If you aren’t convinced yet, take a closer look:

This is part of the NARS blush line – pictured above in Orgasm, which is a peachy pink with golden shimmer. Not only is it undeniably gorgeous, it is UNIVERSALLY flattering. How many products can claim that? Not many. Now, you all know, I LOVE my Bare Escentuals blush, but there is something special about THIS blush. It isn’t your every day pressed powder blush. It makes you glow! Speaking of glowing, that leads me to my next favorite, Night Star. Check out this eye candy:

It’s a sheer, delicate peach with gold pearls, and it’s simply beautiful on. Personally, I use it as my base coat (over my UD primer… that’s another story!), and it’s perfection! It makes my green eyes shine. No, really … it does. I get compliments all day long. I’m beginning to think there is something seriously magical going on here.


1. This is quality stuff!

2. It’s soft, luxurious, and pretty on your skin.

3. The makeup pan is deep, so you are getting more for your money.

4. And, on top of that incentive, it lasts all day (with a good primer below).

5. It gives you an extra ‘pop’. I couldn’t recommend it more – honestly.

And, all of NARS products apply. Buy this …. buy them all! I’m certainly trying to! ­čÖé DO IT! You won’t be sorry!

 Check out for more information!

Cheers, Lisa

P.S. NARS doesn’t even know I exist. The above comments are completely my own opinions.

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  • rtwgirl

    Love Francois so much!! I always have Nars but my favorite blush these days is Desire and Laguna is my favorite bronzer. His eye shadows are the best also. My only issue with the brand is the case. They always break after a while. Every singe one I’ve had and I have quite a bit.

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