Let your pits breathe

Disclaimer: This post is made up of thoughts and rants. I have no clear answers for you

Natural deodorant has been on my mind for a couple of years now. I’ve had many friends make the switch but only heard that they sweat more and or smell more. Ugh, something I didn’t want to do. Needless to say, as of late, I’ve really been thinking about the amount of chemicals put into my body, enter the natural deodorant phase of my life.

First things first, Kiss My Face spray cucumber. All natural but during my first go around I was seriously smelly. I couldn’t even raise my arms at work in fear of grossing everyone out.

My second choice was Primal Pit Paste, which I liked for the first week. All natural again, this time with baking soda added. After the first week, I started getting the “rash” that everyone had been warning me about. After doing some research I decided to try a primer that was recommended–flash forward to another week and I’m still red and now I think I’m allergic to lavender.


So here I was with two different kinds of all-natural deodorant and wasn’t sure which way to go. I stopped the Pit Paste and started applying coconut oil to get rid of the rash–the rash is just about gone, thank god.



Today, I decided to go back to Kiss My Face, because I still have a bit left, I crossed my fingers and toes that I would make it through the day without smelling. Low and behold Kiss My Face held up today!

The reasoning I believe is that it can often take a week to get the “toxins” out which often smell. So it seems as though my toxins are out and perhaps that’s why I don’t smell!

The Pit Paste also contains lavender, which I’m thinking is now an allergy..bummer! But I am so happy today worked out well. That however could change so like I said I don’t have too many answers but I think Kiss My Face could potentially be my natural deodorant answer.

Have you guys made the switch? What are you using? Please tell me so I can stop hounding the women who works at Whole Foods!

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xoxo Lindsay 

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