New year, new me?

I feel like every “new  year”, it’s the same old posts, making plans/goals, and deciding to be a “new you”. Well this year, I’m not really trying to be a “new me”. I mean, I like who I am, and lets face it, after 35 years I’m probably not changing too much. Do I have goals I want to achieve, yes, but that won’t make me a “new me”.

So now that the holiday’s are over, things can kind of get back to normal around here. School is starting up again and so isn’t my first field placement in my grad school program. I’m feeling like I’m going to be slightly stressed but I’m hoping that I will deal with it reasonably well, as opposed to the crazy B we all know I can be.

If I had to pick some goals they would probably be:

  • working out
  • eating healthier
  • unplugging more
  • getting off the couch more

Last night my boyfriend and I took about 30 minutes to pause the movie we were watching and just chat–granted it took me going on Pinterest to find conversation starters but hey we did it! And it’s not because we don’t talk, but because we are getting into that comfortable place, which is good, but not always the best for maintaining relationships. It should be noted that it wasn’t like pulling teeth, he was very receptive!

One thing I’ve really learned and put into place this past year was to remember that no one can read my mind so if I want to make changes I have to speak up.


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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