Over-plucked Eyebrows?

So you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows, now what?

That is a very good question. If you’ve never over-plucked your eyebrows before then you have two options, stop reading right now or start taking notes for when the unavoidable happens.

About three weeks ago I was unfortunate to have completed such a task-check that off the bucket list. Unlike most people I am still maintaining my eyebrows the old-fashion way with tweezers. I HATE pain so getting them waxed is not an option and up until now plucking has never been a problem.

I usually pluck my eyebrows right after I get out of the shower when my pores are nice and open. One faithful morning before work I got a little to “tweezer happy” and ended up  plucking one eyebrow (my right) a little too much. I basically had a panic attack for a few minutes and then started to do some research.

A lot of websites will tell you to use an eyebrow pencil and fill it in. Others will say to use eye-shadow. I opted for the latter, considering I didn’t have an eyebrow pencil on hand. Well I’ll tell you this much, the eye-shadow didn’t work that well and it was super noticeable.

The only saving grace in this matter is that I wear glasses and low and behold the glasses actually took away from the unsightly eyebrow situation that was now taking place on my forehead.

Honestly my eyebrows weren’t that noticeable until I pointed them out to people but the glasses really helped. If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation then I recommend doing the following:

1. Try using an eyebrow pencil

2. Find a light-colored eye-shadow similar to your  eyebrow’s natural color

3. Use a tinted moisturizer especially in your t-zone, makes it look less pale and noticeable

4. Put some glasses on, even if you don’t wear them, pick up a pair of fashion ones with no prescription

The good news is it took about three weeks for that eyebrow to fill in and now it looks much better. Stay away from the tweezers for a few weeks and you’ll be fine. This little disaster has made me re-think waxing. I’ll keep you posted if I venture down that road-I may need someone to hold my hand.

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


  • Karla J. Velasquez

    When my older sister began shaving her legs, I became intrigued by what else the shiny new pink toy in our shared bathroom could remove. So, at 9 years old, I ran the blade over my furry, blonde brows, naively unaware that the hair wouldn’t come back anytime soon. I should have learned my lesson, but when anemic eyebrows cropped up in the early 2000s, I eagerly plucked and tweezed until my face was frozen in a look of perma-confusion. Later, living in New York on a Hannah Horvath budget translated to zero investment for eyebrow maintenance. Instead, I’d tweeze weekly in my tiny bathroom, obsessing over thick hairs and long hairs and blonde hairs and barely-there hairs.

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