Packing tips and advice for Vancouver and TBEX

For those of you reading this post and are unsure of what exactly TBEX is, well allow me to update you. TBEX is short for the Travel Blog Exchange; and that is where myself Lindsay Carreiro of Fashionista’s Travel and Mike Richard of Vagabondish are heading for a weekend of workshops, guest speakers and networking aka drinking.

In addition to attending TBEX we will also be staying in Vancouver for an extra week to do some sightseeing.

Which brings me to the problem of what to pack?

We will be staying approximatively 9 days. Which also makes me question “to check luggage or to not check luggage”, clearly if you are checking luggage it makes “what to pack” slightly easier.  When you are not checking luggage, which I do most of the time, it can be a challenge trying to figure out how you will fit everything.

  • So the first thing you should do is check the weather. Check the weather in the cities you will be visiting, don’t assume because it is almost Summer on the East Coast that it will be the same degree wise, elsewhere.
  • Think about shoes, yes shoes. Shoes play a vital role in planning any trip. You should always build your outfits UP starting with shoes. Vancouver is a walking city, so packing 4inch stilettos is probably out of the question (even though I really want to bring mine).  I plan on packing sneakers for my days of sightseeing and then my riding boots for the conference and nights out on the town.  Vancouver is still slightly on the chilly side compared to the 80 degrees we are experiencing right now.
  • When packing for anything over 5days think in terms of flexibility, “how many times can I wear that black sweater” or “how many times can I wear my yoga pants”? My absolute favorite pair of clothing to pack on trips like these are leggings and sweaters. Leggings look great with boots and when accompanied by a sweater, make for a comfortable yet fashionable outfit. (I apologize now if all you see me in are leggings.)
The decision to check luggage or not check luggage really depends on how many items you plan on bringing. If you stick to packing items that can be worn again it will make for fitting your belongings easier. I also recommend wearing your bulkiest outfit on the plane, that way you can shed layers (planes are always freezing) and also keep your suitcase on the lite side.For anyone reading this that will be joining us in Vancouver and also TBEX I just have two words for you, HAPPY PACKING 🙂


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