I’m going to try avoiding checking a bag, but it …

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I’m going to try avoiding checking a bag, but it might come down to one checked bag between Ryan and myself. Not a fan of the bag fees the airlines are tacking on these days!

If you find an occasion to wear 4-inch stilettos in Vancouver, let me know. 😉

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Nooo, I love beets! Ok, that just means MORE FOR ME. 😉

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Glad to hear you sorted out the money situation FAST. EEKS.

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Cute! 🙂 Definitely a great way to maximize your closet.

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omg how awesome! ryan and i just got tix for europe, so definitely a hotel on that continent. we haven’t decided which cities or countries we are hitting up, but if we ever made it down to munich, i’d love to check out the sofitel munchen bayerpost!

so i am following trivago and you on facebook and twitter!

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