Pajama’s and Potluck

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I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. I had such a great weekend! Even though it’s not technically over-it has been wonderful. I had posted a few days ago about my boyfriend coming to visit and my first annual pajama party-so how did it go? Great success! (Borat voice)

when in doubt use the snow as a cooler
when in doubt use the snow as a cooler

Pajamas and potluck worked out really well! Since I knew my boyfriend was coming to visit, we decided to have two other couples that we are mutually friends with to come over for some food and drinks. There is really nothing better than 6 people in their pajamas, drinking, eating, and catching up on a cold winter night. In my opinion pajama parties should be mandatory in the winter-no one feels like getting dressed up, let alone leave the house half the time. It really was a great idea!

What we ate:

I made a huge batch of chili! My friends brought corn bread, salad, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and a dutch apple pie! Needless to say I didn’t eat all of that but it was a really great spread for only 6 people!

Me and my two besties in pjs
pretty little losers
playing footsies
playing footsies

This morning my boyfriend took me to brunch at this really amazing place called Chapel Grille. The food was outstanding and it really was a romantic atmosphere-if you are from RI, I would highly recommend checking it out. We had such a short visit but at least I’ll be headed down next weekend for Valentine’s Day! Long distance is hard but we have made it through the first 6 months (1 year left). Maybe that should be another post at some point, surviving distance. Either way, it was a really nice visit!

I love you like xo
I love you like xo

Normally Sunday is when I start to get the “Sunday night blues” because Monday is lurking right around the corner BUT since there is another snow storm headed this way, my school district has already closed. Yes, that’s right, tomorrow will be our 5th snow day! I love Rhode Island but I am just about ready to move at this rate. I know we aren’t the only state getting dumped on but it is getting old real quick.

Well I hope you enjoy the pictures of my weekend and I hope you have had a great weekend too! Tell us what you did in the comments below!!


xoxo Lindsay

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