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What a week! Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about my Valentine’s Day but its been a little crazy around here! It’s been a few days since the big day and I’m pretty sure everyone is wondering what my boyfriend ended up getting me/what we did that night.

Drum roll please…..

Our night was actually quite lovely-I drove (more like flew) down to New Jersey Saturday afternoon when I got out of work and managed to make it before the snow came in both NJ and RI. With a trip to the grocery store we got all the supplies needed to make homemade pizza together! Before we went to the store we decided to exchange gifts. He bought me a gorgeous necklace and a couple of gift cards to go on a pretty awesome shopping spree. I know that I stated in my earlier post that I didn’t want a gift card BUT his thought process was pretty spot on. I guess for the past few months I have been complaining about my lack of wardrobe and apparently I own one too many turtlenecks. So, that being said, I need to throw out the turtlenecks and buy some new clothes!

My lovely necklace and gift cards.
My lovely necklace and gift cards.
My boo making pizza!
My boo making pizza!

He loved his gifts as well (I even wrote about the love notes jar) and we have already used the custom made coffee mugs for ice cream on Sunday night! It was a really special Valentine’s Day thanks to my favorite person in the whole world. If you’re reading this, I love you Christopher! xoxo

I hope your Valentine’s Day was great too-let us know in the comments below what you did on your special day!


xoxo Lindsay


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