Prom Re-Do?

If you could re-do your prom would you? Dress, shoes, DATE? What would you change?

With it being prom season and all it got me thinking about my senior prom; the limo, bringing in Jennifer Love Hewits picture to my hair dresser, hotel rooms, and Wendy’s afterwards.

I had a great time at my prom don’t get me wrong but with today’s styles I would much rather wear something trendier then the typical bridesmaid dress EVERYONE wore.

So that being said I decided to style for the prom in my head and if I were to get asked out by that cute guy in my Biology class; here’s what I would wear:

If you could re-do your prom would you?

Prom gown
$135 –

Giuseppe Zanotti strappy high heels
$1,295 –

Alexander mcqueen clutch
$2,650 –

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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