Question of the day: An easy hairstyle, accessories, and travel gear for hair.


The best hairstyle for traveling is achieved by using two easy hair acessories.

The first one is the mini-hair clip. By keeping one with you at all times you can pull sections of your hair back and away from your face (where oil sits) at any time. What are really cool are the hair clips that look like flowers, instant makeover! Find more at Hair Flowers

The second is the head band. Yes basic I know but but a thick or thin head band can add instant style and also keep hair out of your face as well.

Some of the best new products out there for dealing with your hair while traveling are the new line of dry shampoos by Tresemme. I have heard nothing but good things from this line. They make one specifically designed for each hair type.

Also when I am having trouble thinking of new ways to wear my hair, I just end up looking online. Checking out pictures of hair and figuring out how I can make it work on mine. The best thing is figuring out your comfortable wearing.

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