Question of the day: Dry Shampoo, whats the deal?


The deal with most dry shampoos is that they almost specifically desgined for travel. As of lately Tresemme has come up with their own line of dry shampoos that can be used on and off the beaten path and here’s the skinny:

  • Formula with Mineral Clay soaks up excess oil and impurities to leave hair looking refreshed.
  • Contains Citrus Extracts to neutralize odor and enhance clean feeling.
  • Volumizes oily/straight hair that becomes limp in between shampoos, giving hair added body and bounce.
  • Perfect for color-treated hair, it reduces the need to wash as frequently, which prevents color from fading.

Dry ShampooHere’s how you use it:

  1. Shake can vigorously before use and in between sprays.
  2. Lightly spritz roots with product to inject volume and spray evenly all over hair, holding can 8-12 inches from head.
  3. Leave product in for 1-2 minutes to allow time to soak up oil.
  4. Brush through hair to remove excess, then style                                                 as usual.


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