Question of the day: Is there anyway to combat dry skin when traveling, especially flying?


Dry skin is the worst, especially when traveling, and I agree that there is something about the air on the planes that just makes its 100 times worse.

It has taken me several failed attempts when it comes to keeping my skin and more importantly my face moisturized.

Lets forget about the usual suspects such as  face cream but lets talk about

Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Thermal Spa Water - Thermal Spa WaterYes, it is a spa water that you spray on your face that instantly takes the dry out of your skin and as an added bonus it wakes you up!

Not only do I use this while traveling but it has also made its way into my purse when I am at work.

Of course you can buy this online but it is also at CVS (that is where I picked it up)

It retails for $7.50 and worth every penny


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