Question of the day: What is your opinion on all the new convertible dresses for traveling?


I had never heard of the online store Montif C. until today and the convertible dresses that they have look perfect for traveling and or any dressy occasion.

I am a big fan of the convertible dress especially when traveling in the summer. Victoria’s Secret also makes quite a few convertible dresses that are perfect for any occasion.

The main reason why I like the convertible dress so much is that you don’t have to pack a lot. You can mix and match accessories for each dress to really change it up. I wouldn’t worry about other’s noticing the same dress on you, especially if you change it in one of the many ways the dress allows.

I would stick with a basic color however, you probably don’t want to be the girl in the hot pink dress all week on your cruise.

I would really recommend taking the chance with a convertible dress for traveling. It will save you space in your suitcase and it will guarantee that you look HOT the whole time!

Happy shopping!!


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