Quirks Of Costa Rica: Day 5

Well its been five days here and its going by so quickly. Writing everyday while I’m here has been new and also challenging for me–I don’t usually write every single day.

While I’ve been here for five days there have been many quirks about Costa Rica that I’m finally starting to get used too.

I’m sure this list will grow longer as my time progresses here but for today’s post I thought I’d share some of the quirks that make Costa Rica, Costa Rica.

  1. You can’t throw toilet paper in the toilet. True Story–it takes some getting used too but it’s probably the most inconvenient thing that I’m currently dealing with. I mean it’s not bad when your just taking a piss (pardon my language) but when you gotta “go number 2” yea, things just get uncomfortable real fast.
  2. Bus fare–the bus fare here is different depending on which bus you get on and how far you are coming from. There is no set bus fare like back home. Sometimes a bus is 210 or 250 and sometimes even 305. It’s hard to remember how much money you should be taking out to prepare yourself.
  3. Colonies–the currency here definitely takes some getting used too. Especially when purchasing items or trying to figure out cab fare. Most items are marked as 2,000 colonies which is the equivalent to $4.  I’m getting better at it but I’m afraid I’ll be getting ripped off at some point.
  4. Spanish–speaking Spanish is hard work; I’ve just about mastered saying, hello, goodbye, and I like it. I never realized how difficult and isolating it can be when you don’t speak the langauge of the country you are in.
  5. Hot water–is apparently a hot commodity around these parts. Not so much for the house I’m staying in but for many of my other friends.  They will typically have their water shut off for hours in the afternoon with no explanation as to why.
  6. Blondes–another hot commodity. I’ve been told several times that blondes are a rare species (in not so many words) so basically you can imagine that I am often stared at when I’m out.
  7. Meal times–not only have I had to adjust to being two hours ahead but I’ve also had to adjust my eating schedule. I eat breakfast everyday at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:00pm. Lunch is usually around noon which works but it’s still been an adjustment. It’s hard to wait for dinner at 7pm when I’m used to eating at 5pm. I’ll probably adjust just when its time to come home.
I’m looking forward to discovering many other quirks that Costa Rica has to offer and I will be able to update this list with many more.
I will apologize now for my lack of writing this weekend–there is a beach trip to Manual Antonio and my laptop will be staying put!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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