Relieve Anxiety 3 Ways During Travel

Relieve Anxiety 3 Ways During Travel, Is there such a thing? Yes, and no I’m not talking about taking Prozac.

I can tell you first hand how difficult it is to travel when you are anxiety prone. All those thoughts about missing your flight, lost luggage, crying babies can be enough to really make you lose sleep over traveling. (especially the crying babies, kidding)

So what can you do to overcome such anxiety? Well I’ll share some of my tips that I just recently used for trips over the summer-trust me they work!

1. Prepare

If you are the type of person to get very overwhelmed with packing and missalaous things that go along with travel preperations then you want to make sure your giving yourself enough time to prepare.

  • Enough time to book flights and hotels
  • Enough time to pack and track down any items that need replacing

Try making a check list of everything that you could possibly need; even if it may seem silly at the time of packing, it will help curb anxiety if you decide you need it.

When traveling internationally make sure you’ve taken into account how long it takes to retrieve luggage, go through customs, and also immigration. You don’t want to hear how I ran through Miami International Airport at warp speed. Those are the little things that can push your anxiety through the roof.

2. Research

Its been said a lot but doing your research before you travel is often a must. I’m not just talking about the place your visiting; you may find it helpful to do some research about the airports you will be landing in and or having layovers in. Does that sound silly? Doing airport research? If it helps you figure out just where you’ll be going then I say screw the silly!

It is also helpful to research the area surrounding where you’ll be visiting.  Finding out helpful tips such as, rental car locations and other hotels could end up saving you quite a bit of headache if such a tip is required.

3. Confidence 

This may seem a tad cliche to say but when you lack confidence your just setting yourself up for failure. Do you think that when I ventured to Costa Rica to teach a group of middle schoolers ESL and stay with a host family that didn’t speak English, that I wasn’t a nervous wreck? I believe my exact words when arrriving in San Jose where “what have I gotten myself into”.

Anxiety is hard, traveling solo is hard, put them together and you may feel like a walking diseaster. It doesn’t have to be. Pulling together just the smallest amount of confidence will take you very far. One of the things that makes me feel comfortable when traveling is having familiar items with me. Maybe its a great play list on your iPod or even a pillow from home. When you surround yourself with familiar items and reassure yourself that “you’ve got this” you will indeed GET IT.

There should never be anything stopping you from traveling, especially solo travel. It took me quite a few months to get up the courage to visit another country by myself. And before you leave thinking I’m someone without anxiety, think again.


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  • viveka

    The only anxiety I get from travel .. is that security carry on – specially in US – 5 times at one airport in July I had to show my documentations – and it was only 20 steps between 3 of them. So use to travel so the rest doesn’t bother me .. but this with US security and customs are an absolute nightmare. No other country carry on to that expense. I agree with security, but there is a pain barrier. *smile

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    • Lindsay Carreiro

      Oh yes it can be such a pain in the ass
      🙁 or I love when they bust my ass for taking too much perfume but the last time let a full bottle of water through-no consistency

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