Retro Bingo Party Ideas

If you’re throwing a party for a few friends, it’s not always easy to implement new and themed ideas. So to make your things easier we have put a few retro bingo party ideas together here; anyone which will ensure that your party is whole heap of fun.

Tea and cup cakes: Getting girls together for a evening tea at your homes is a great alternative to a normal nigh out. Pick a theme and ask your guests to dress accordingly. Like I suggested all my friends to wear a pink dress which is made of cotton fabric with white bingo balls on it. We all got it done from the same designer. Tea and cupcakes were easy to make at home. Recently, I hosted a bingo party at my home – out in the garden, but see that when you plan for it the weather permits.

Take a trip to traditional bingo hall: Head to a local bingo hall. You can play some popular versions of bingo games like 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. If you’re planning to stay whole day you’ll have time to spend with friends and have fish and chips to round the day off with some wine.

Play online bingo: It’s a game you grew up hearing your gran talk discuss with her friends. You will find plenty of bingo halls in most of the cities, but most people who play bingo today do so online. If you want to include this retro game in your vintage party, you can invite friends to play online bingo games at GameVillage Bingo. All you need to ask them is to carry their mobile devices or tablet so that login to the site and you can play the game together without stepping out. It is also a great option if any of your guests can’t make it to the party as they can also play along with you wherever they are.

Throw a house party: Decide a theme for the party and may be you can make invitations using old bingo cards and invite all your friends. You can take your guests back to the 1970’s and 80’s and ask them all to come dressed in appropriate clothing, whether it’s stacked heels, flares,big caps, shoulder padded jackets, or puffed big hair styles. Alternatively you can also choose a theme from your favourite bingo site GameVillage Bingo and ask all your guests to get dressed as the sites theme. May be a pink or purple dress will do as the site has used these colors. You can add your own ideas to the dress. Do a party music mix or put on the in-house bingo radio that will blast everyone with some old and new classics and serve the kind of food that was considered all the rage back then!

Remember, whatever theme you go for in your retro bingo party, make sure you do all the preps in advance so that yo can enjoy the actual day along with your friends.  


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