Review: Blow Pro Essentials

Many of you know that I was in love with Super Skinny by Paul Mitchel and then I really loved Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry. Well now, I’ve have moved on to Blow Pro Essentials, Ready Set Blow. The name suggests that it aids in blow drying but in my opinion it does soo much more!

Here’s the skinny:

Micro-heat conductors accelerate the drying process by optimizing the heat from your blow dryer. Significantly reduces drying time which means less stress and damage. Vitamin B energizes and revitalizes hair. Ready Set Blow’s co-polymer blend locks out humidity and smoothes each hair cuticle for long-lasting flexible style.

What sets Blow Pro apart from the rest? Developed, tested and proven by the experts at Blow, New York’s premier blow dry bar, Blow Pro hair care is formulated with an exclusive pure protein blend that is nourishing yet weightless – delivering all the protection you need and the lasting style you want. Blow Pro products are also free of harsh sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride and are 100% keratin treatment compliant.

and yes my hair dyer is pink
and yes my hair dyer is pink

So not only does it speed up the hair drying process but it also helps tame the frizz and helps create style. I have been using this for months and I’m seriously obsessed with it!! I would highly recommend picking some up and trying it out!!

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! Talk soon lovelies!!


xoxo Lindsay

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