Review: Coochy Cream

Lets get personal for a minute here and talk about the “thing” that gets the most questions and still has quite a few answers unsolved and that would be the COOCHY.

Don’t worry we aren’t getting all sex-ed here but lets face it, we are all women and this product is just too good to keep to ourselves.

Yes, thats right the product is indeed called Coochy Cream BUT its not just for your beloved coochy.

After attending a sex toy party (a first might I add) and hearing all the rave reviews from fellow woman about this product, I just had to try for myself.

So here’s the skinny:

First of all its rash free, so in case you decided to use this on your actual coochy then you will be free of bumps, (yay).

Second its  made for sensitive areas, I find it PERFECT for underarm hair

Third it left our legs feeling ultra smooth, much better then your typical shave cream or gel

There are some added bonus’s as well to this product;

  • such as it makes a great conditioner for women and for men
  • we have also heard that men who shave their head particularly found this product to work excellent

So if your feeling shy about the name or attending a sex toy party, you can still purchase this online and keep it discreet.  You won’t regret it.

If you’ve used this product before let us and others know what you think below!

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