I have heard about Birchbox. … something similar to …

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I have heard about Birchbox. … something similar to we have over here in Europa … Glossybox – that I think you have in US too. I think Birchbox is a better value. I just got use to BB cream which I think is fantastic and now everything is about CC cream. I’m a big fan of Gardiner’s BB cream – it so easy to apply .. and gives fantastic result.
Over here they have made a test of CC creams and … Lumene Color correcting cream, spf 20 came out on top. Lumene is a Finish brand .. that you can get over in US – brilliant brand. http://youtu.be/sviQN20La3U – a little video about their BB cream.

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Unbagging: Ipsy January 2015
Glossybox you can get all over the world – just go to glossybox.com.

Unbagging: Ipsy January 2015
I have heard about Birchbox – but we don’t have it over here. But I subscribe on Glossybox, the same concept.

OPI Launches Brazil Collection for Spring/Summer 2014
Only use clear nail-polish, but I love the colors here.

Sample sized savings
I have heard about Brichbox, but we don’t have it yet in Sweden, but I’m connected to Glossybox and it’s a great idea, even if some boxes are a bit weak. Happy Christmas to you.

How to Wear Neon
I love orange, but can’t wear … look terrible in neon shades …. I’m an autumn girl .. burned warm colors. But I have bought a cardigan black background but with pattern in all the neon’s there is in the world *smile Have a friend she wears only neon’s – strong .. lime, blue, orange, cerise … and she looks fantastic in it .. and she wears it the whole year around. But she are a very colorful woman in her personality too. Brilliant advice .. maybe I have to buy something more … lime jeans maybe. *smile

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