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You guys, I am beyond excited to share some AMAZING news with you. If you will recall from my facial post, I joined up with another Lindsay to receive my very first professional facial. After that facial and testing out a few products, I decided that it was time to earn some extra income doing what I love to do, which is sharing skincare and makeup with you all!

That being said, I am officially set up as a Beautycounter consultant–which means I get to share new products with you guys and if the spirit moves you, go shopping with me!

So what exactly is Beautycounter? I’m not going to give you a huge rundown, but basically they are a non-toxic skincare/makeup company that only puts good things into their products and the best part is, it’s affordable!! I’m not going to lie, I most likely won’t use everything from their line, because I’m human and I like what I like, BUT I am super excited to change up some of my “toxic” products, such as sun care and body products. I’ve also been using It Cosmetics, which I love, but it’s super expensive, so switching over is going to be crucial!

I would love if you would take a look and see what the deal is, of course I’ll be showcasing some of their products through social media–and you guys know how honest I am, so I’m not trying to sell you crap. You can access my personal Beautycounter page here.


xoxo Lindsay


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