You go party blogger!! ;-) Sounds like a …

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You go party blogger!! 😉 Sounds like a great time. I have a copy of Chris’ book and its pretty good. I didnt know he was at TBEX until after I left so I was a little bummed not to meet him. In any case, pick it up. Have FUN!!

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Relieve Anxiety 3 Ways During Travel
The minute I start traveling is the minute all my anxiety is gone. I know I’m a rarity but the less planning the less anxiety. I just go.

I Hate Beets: Costa Rica Day 2
I just cant get over that you hate beets. I love beets! Everyone loves beets! Shame. Have fun tonight!

24hrs In New York City
Every time I’ve been in NYC I’ve totally loved it and had a blast. That said, I live in a town of 5000 people so the big city is a nice big change…..and all that said, I’d never want to live there. I’m just damn glad its there to visit.

50 Shades Of Awkward: My Tbex Experience
There is alot you THANKFULLY left out. It was really great to meet all you guys in person. Wow. There were so many people there I was a little overwhelemed. Tough for an introvert but I dont think there was a bad soul there. It took up guts to talk to people but everyone was so welcoming. I really appreciate you reaching out to me and pulling me into your crazy crew.

BTW, who is the dork in your photos with the map? Hasnt he ever heard of Teh Google?

‘Twas The Night Before Tbex
That is freaking hilarious. Well done.

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!