Snowed in at the Sheraton

This weekend was pretty different here in Rhode Island-for starters it snowed, oh wait that’s nothing new! My favorite part of the weekend was having my boyfriend come down from NJ to visit. When he comes to visit we always end up getting a hotel, which makes a nice little escape for me!

Each time he comes we stay at the Sheraton which is by our airport-only because it is a SPG hotel chain and he is able to trade in points, because when push comes to shove this place pretty much sucks. The rooms are very small and the hot water is finicky. However it is free so I guess we shouldn’t complain too much.

photo provided by Starwood Hotels
photo provided by Starwood Hotels

Anyways, so I mentioned that is snowed again here, well that’s true, another 4-6 inches fell Sunday into Monday morning, which made things difficult for my boyfriend to get here. Instead of driving he opted for the train.  By the time he got in Sunday night it was already 10pm. Needless to say I went and checked into the hotel at about 3pm and basically sat around until he got in. I basically went from hanging in my own bedroom to hanging out in a hotel room!

We practically spent the entire day in bed today, yes Monday, work was canceled due to the snow. However we did manage to call up room service for a very good breakfast spread (winning)! Tonight will be a nice “date night” at one of our favorite restaurants Trattoria Romana. I’ve decided to take half a day tomorrow so that I can bring him to the train station and then take my time getting ready for work.

our spread complete with mimosas
our spread complete with mimosas
blueberry pancakes!
blueberry pancakes!

I still hate that we are doing long-distance but at the same time I feel us getting stronger. We talked a lot about the future today and I still feel hopeful that we are on the same page. Relationships are so tough but I believe when you find your “person” you hold on really tight! I hope your weekend was good, let us know in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

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