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Happy Monday everyone. As you might have noticed this is not part of my blogging challenge that apparently I just didn’t last with. It’s been a crazy few weeks already and I just don’t have time to commit to the prompts and to be honest I was getting a little sick of some of them!

So that brings me to this post that I am SUPER excited about! Throughout my blogging career I have seen other bloggers link up and send each other letters, mugs, and boxes full of surprises; it got me thinking that something along those ideas seemed really fun! This past Christmas, my mom’s work did something different, they asked you to bring in a gently used/item you already had at your house for their Yankee swap. This could be a bottle of wine you had lying around, a book, some unopened perfume, etc. Well needless to say I loved the idea (because Christmas isn’t about spending money) and thought that it would make a neat blogging swap!!

This is my idea: 

  • Anyone who wants to participate leaves their email address in a comment. The person who’s email address is before you, is who you would get in contact with, so that way everyone is getting to know at least 2 people in this swap (the person you send to and the person sending to you) make sense? For example, I will leave the first email (mine) and whoever comments after me, sends me an email. I will email the very last person.  Make sure you keep checking back to get an email address.
  • You will then email the person and ask them a little bit about themselves (likes and dislikes) and also their address so you can mail the gift. Then you will proceed to find something in your own house that they might like (lets stay away from hygiene products, unless unopened) and you will also purchase one thing; hence Something Old and Something New.
  • Some examples from your house could be: books, note cards, a favorite movie, a cd, etc.
  • Some examples you could buy: a gift card, a NEW makeup product, etc.

The goal isn’t to spend a lot of money but to find out about someones interest and run with it. If you find 2 items in your house you want to send, that’s fine, but lets limit it to 4 surprises total.

I would love if everyone blogged about their swap and linked to the person that they “met” to spread the word about bloggers supporting bloggers.

This swap will run for 3 days and close on Wednesday April 15th at 10pm.

 I am very excited to get this off the ground!! I wonder how many people will want to join our swap?! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


xoxo Lindsay 

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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