Spending More Time With Our Friends When We’re So “Busy”

It seems that life is associated with the B-word. When we have a job, a partner, and even extra duties on top of this, it seems that we are always too busy to do anything. But when you’re looking for a happier version of you, it’s about breaking down those barriers and figuring out how to stop being so busy, that also, what about your friends? As you get older they say that you can count your true friends on your one hand but after a while, the people you are really close with a couple of years ago tend to fall by the wayside. How can we figure out the best ways to spend time with our friends when they are so busy with other parts of life?

Make A Social Investment Together

When we say “we’ll meet up soon,” because there’s nothing really tying us to the event, we can feel that it slips in terms of importance. When we promise to meet up, but we also put money into it, this gives us that changeable need in order to follow through. It doesn’t have to be anything cliche, like a night out, in fact, perhaps you could do something a little bit different that gives you all the opportunity to meet up. Something like a boat club, where you all go out and have a picnic on a boat is something a little bit different. When we are so busy, if we decide that we’ve all got a date free, it’s likely that one person will have to cancel for the usual reasons. If you all put money into something together, it means you’ll all have a proper reason to meet up that will be difficult to get out of.

Do You All Have To Meet Up At The Same Time?

If you have concerns that you can’t meet up at the same time, are there ways for you to meet one person here and one person there now and again? Of course, it’s better if everybody meets up in one group, but if this really isn’t feasible, then blocking a bit of time in your calendar to meet up with one or two of them is better than nothing at all! Yes, this could cause some issues because people are feeling left out but this is what a WhatsApp group is for! It’s so easy to feel left out, especially if everyone else is having a great time, but you are stuck in the office but sometimes seeing all of your friends together can give you the motivation to get out of work early, or meet up again in a couple of weeks. Remember, it’s not the same if one person is missing. It’s all about that friendship dynamic.

It’s also worth pointing out, are you really busy? It makes perfect sense to those people that have children because things come up like illnesses and other kids’ birthday parties. And when the other friends don’t have children of their own, it’s hard to understand from their point of view. Naturally, you can have them over. But also, be prepared if you are two different people, that maybe we’ll drift apart. It’s never a nice thing to say, but if you want to spend proper time with your friends, if they are that important, you will make the effort.

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