Sponsored Review: Tide Pods with Febreze

My very first Influenester box arrived earlier this week-even though I knew what I was getting I was still extremely excited!! It’s pretty awesome to be chosen for such a box I’m really looking forward to writing some awesome review from this box. Which brings me to the first item I was excited to receive-Tide Pods with Febreze.

This is the perfect moment for you know your old when…you get excited about doing laundry. Well I’ll tell you what, my clothes smell so god damn good from those pods, it’s amazing!! They are also very easy to use, less mess from spilling with regular detergents, so that is a plus in my book. You can also use them with top loading and front loading washers.

tide pods

I honestly have nothing to complain about and between my mother and I we have used about 4 of them so far and it’s all good news! I’m not sure how much they sell for so that could be a deal breaker but if they are ever on sale or you have a coupon I would totally pick some up!

Stay tuned for a few more reviews from my Influenester box in the next few weeks! Have a wonderful weekend!


 *Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*



xoxo Lindsay

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