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As some of you know I started working with a personal trainer about six weeks ago. To say that I love it is an understatement. It’s the only time that I like working out and doesn’t feel like pulling teeth. That being said, I was able to put some research together about personal training but more specifically martial arts.


I’m sure that all personal trainers do their jobs because of one thing. Because they love and enjoy it. The sense of satisfaction they get when seeing their client change for the better with amazing results, and the fact that they are able to share that journey with them is something quite special. It could even be life changing. I know that personal trainers do their jobs because they are passionate people who were born to motivate and to make an impact on others lives. They want to see clients fitter, healthier but most of all happier and the relationships developed are always strong.

Nowadays, the demand for martial arts is higher than ever, ever since mixed martial arts hit our screens. The growing sport that consists of several types of martial arts techniques like judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and boxing is becoming more popular and everyone wants to get in on the action. If you thinking about becoming a personal trainer, go for it and make sure you can train martial arts. If you are a personal trainer already and want to develop into martial arts, then you should as this will give you an edge and possibly more potential clients. More clubs and gyms are holding more high intensity martial arts inspired exercises and classes, and people love them! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do wonders for people who want to learn martial arts.

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Personal trainers are the ones who customize programs that will get the body stronger and fitter. It has been proven that working out with a trainer with a structured evidence based plan can give you effective fitness results than working alone solo. Personal trainers must understand the relevant topics in science, physiology and anatomy in order to help clients reach their goals and stay on top with all things health and fitness. To be able to be a good martial arts personal trainer, you need to practice it yourself to teach it effectively. So go for a few classes yourself and learn more about each technique. Martial Tribes is a good site to specify each one with demonstrations from karate to Krav Maga. You can also discover masters from all over the world and connect with them!

It is good to know the benefits of martial arts training and can help you in the long run. Aside from losing weight and improving fitness, martial arts is great for other things like for the mind and the health. The concentration and focus will sky rocket as the moves practiced will need these type of skills and practicing often will enhance them. After some training you will realize your focus has gotten better and this quality could be taken outside of training, whether it be at work when you have a busy day or in everyday life with chores and when you need to get things done.

Encouraging your clients to do more martial arts is nothing but great health benefits. One proven fact is the organs will function better when you have a healthy martial arts routine scheduled in, and this will boost your immune system and keep you fighting against diseases. Reducing stress is a huge factor when it comes to any training however sometimes it just feels good to punch or kick something and make a great stress reliever. Breathing techniques are taught in martial arts that can lower your tension levels and connect the body with the mind. This exercise is important because it helps you to control your stress and sets you in a positive attitude.

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Have you worked with a trainer before? Would you? Or what is stopping you? Tell us in the comments below!


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