Spring Break in North America

With spring break upon us, many people feel the need to travel outside the United States but there are so many wonderful places in the world to visit, and some of the best places you should check out are in North America. There are so many diverse states and cities all across the country, each offering something different for visitors.

#1 New York City

There are so many epic and vibrant cities in the United States, and New York City is one of the best in terms of tourism. You can go visit the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Times Square, and so much more besides. And, you can actually cut costs on your trip to NYC by getting clever and creative. For instance, you can save money on a wonderful trip to New York City by doing your research and learning all about the city and how to make your cash go further.

#2 Georgia

Southeastern state Georgia is one of the states famed for its diverse landscapes and terrains, and this is one of the best places to explore and indulge in some of the most important areas of the South. Basing yourself at Holiday Inn Valdosta Conference Center Hotel the gives you the ideal accommodation choice from which to explore some of the more memorable parts of Georgia. Whether you’re visiting Rock City Gardens, Centennial Olympic Park, or Stone Mountain Park, there is so much to explore in Georgia, and you need to check it out as soon as possible.

#3 New England

Sightseeing is one of the best ways of going about enjoying your experience as much as possible. America has some places of intense beauty that need to be explored, but there are none as visually stunning as New England. This divine region of the country has some of the best scenery and most unforgettable landscapes in the whole of the United States. Heading for Acadia National Park is a must, while Martha’s Vineyard offers some of the most unforgettable coastal routes in the whole country.

#4 Texas

Nestled along the waters of Rio Grande, El Paso, Texas is the first stop after crossing the border from New Mexico. For a great wildlife experience, you could head straight for El Paso Zoo, which contains a 35-acre park with more than 220 species of animal. Those looking to enjoy some of the most astounding and tranquil beauty of Western  Texas should head for the awesome grandeur of Franklin Mountains State Park.

So as you can see, spring break doesn’t always have to take you to quintessential “party” towns but you can have other adventures that probably cost a lot less because they aren’t the typical vacation destination. As for myself, I haven’t had a spring break in quite some time, but do plan on taking vacation in May and Georgia is on my bucket list!

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