Spring Styles For The Body Conscious

We all have something we don’t love about our bodies. During the winter, these issues are easy enough to cover. But, now that hot weather is hot on our heels, hiding in these ways is becoming trickier. You’re thrilled to let the sun back into your life, but you’re worried about the price it’s going to cost you.

The first thing to note is that no one should feel uncomfortable in their skin. If insecurities about your body are stopping you from wearing what you want, self-love should obviously be a priority. Still, you won’t be able to feel comfortable if you’re worried about exposing those areas you hate. As such, you want spring styles which don’t require letting it all hang out.

The good news is that there are plenty of options which can see you through both spring and summer. Without further ado, then, let’s uncover a few spring styles for the body conscious.

Looser Fitting Dresses

Loose fitting dresses are ideal for anyone who doesn’t feel confident in skimpy numbers. These allow you to stay cool while only highlighting your best parts. Lucky for you, maxi dresses are making a comeback this year. Stock up on at least a few of these to keep you comfortable on the hottest days. Bear in mind that going too far to the floaty side could see you feeling even worse. Make sure to try before you buy, and get a feel for which shapes flatter your figure. Then, you’ll be able to feel hotter than the weather.

Let loose with leggings

For some of us, it’s less about our torsos and more about our legs. In winter, you needn’t worry about getting these out at all, but it seems a prerequisite when the sun is shining. The good news is that, with decent leggings, you can get away with hiding. During the still-cool spring days, leather leggings are a fantastic option as they make a real statement while keeping you covered. Even once the sun is in full swing, there are plenty of options with breathable material. There are even mesh leggings which could see you rocking this look through the worst heat.

Invest in a swimsuit

Whether it’s your torso, legs or anything else, swimwear leaves it all on display. Even worse, we seem to believe that bikinis are the only option. They’re all we see in the shops, and the beach is full of them. The trouble is that even body-confident women struggle to wear these. There’s an easy enough solution, though. Even if you have to shop online to find it, opting for a swimsuit that you feel confident in instead could work wonders for beach confidence. Rather than forever covering up, this will allow you to strip down without as much worry.

There’s no denying that these coming seasons are tough for the body conscious among us. But, with a little thought, there’s no reason why you can’t be as comfortable as anyone else when the sun starts shining.

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