Style Watch: cheap, disposable apparel perfect for travel

Men who want to be forever purged of a desire to buy cheap, disposable apparel should head to one of two¬†Freemans Sporting Club (FSC) locations in New York: 8 Rivington Street or 827 Bleecker Street. Like everything of extraordinarily superior quality, their bespoke suits, shirts, shoes and accessories will forever spoil your formerly so snug enjoyment of OK-level attire, of the “perfectly good” suits you used to buy. Once you know what a custom-tailored suit feels and looks like, everything else will seem inferior. And so it should. All suits are made at Martin Greenfield’s factory in Bushwick. If you are lucky, you will be fitted by the 72-year-old Italian Nick Sciali, the sculptor of your suit. There is nothing more awesome than being in the presence of a master.

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