Style Watch: Design your own shoes

milk honey shoes
Photo: Milk and Honey Shoes

If you invest a pretty little penny, or two, in shoes from department stores–that turn over seasonal footwear collections faster than you can ask: does the shoe fit?–there’s aslower fashion alternative. Enter Milk and Honey Shoes; they let you design your own own shoes from your own computer, meaning you get the style, fit, and color that you want, when you want it, and you don’t have to worry about their twin siblings beingdumped in landfills.

Their small-scale production is certainly green(er) than mass produced footwear, but newly-launched Milk and Honey also has a slew of celebrity followers, including actress Ginnifer Goodwin–of HBO’s Big Love fame–who prefers their vegan kicks. The process is simple, just pick flats or heels, heel height, design, color, and materials–as mentioned, they offer non-leather and suede options. And if you’d rather they do the legwork, Milk and Honey offers ready-to-wear kicks for an eco-fashionista on the go.

Design a pair of shoes over at Milk and Honey, prices start at $150


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