Style Week Providence: Blending intoxicating products with unbelievable designers

Fashion shows are what give us our brilliant ideas to imagine, create, and design products that showcase what exactly our company represents and attending a fashion show is the best way to check out all the new and upcoming designs and products.

You hear words like “Fashion Week in New York” and it sends this spiral of celebrities and papa razzi swirling like cotton candy in your head and you just want to be one of the lucky ones who receives an invite.  The words fashion show are almost intoxicating to any fashion obsessed person. It’s not all about celebrities it’s the whole makeup of what a fashion show brings to life and that is the designer behind the runway.

Now it may not be “Fashion Week in New York” but Style Week Providence came pretty close to replicating those intoxicating words and built this unbelievable fashion show right before my very eyes.  Situated  at the Providence Biltmore Hotel you could find a week long celebration dedicated strictly to designers showcasing their talents on and off the runway.

The Accessory Showcase features designers that are making products from jewelry, shoes, and my personal favorite UNDERWEAR.  Sexy Period is designing underwear that is leak resistant (so yes its perfect when your having your monthly visit) and also breathable, because lets face it there is nothing worse then having your “friend” when its 90degrees out! Their underwear is for a whole new generation of women who want to look and feel sexy even when they have their period.  Designed by two local (Rhode Island) women with the same goal in mind: “When they realized their idea of fashionable, leak resistant underwear (as a backup to prevent period spills) might not be so crazy after all, they set out to make Sexy Period™ a reality.” And what a reality it has become, these two women believe in what they make and sell and it shows. The time has finally come to have a happy period (as Always would say).

We all know that the heart of any fashion show is the actual runway event.  This runway show was made possible by designer Jen Greeke. Harpy is her line of clothing that featured gorgeous mess dresses, diamond vests, sleek and good girl dresses, and of course the skinny pant.  It was refreshing to see that her model’s were actual women with curves and character, that was quite possibly one of my favorite things about this runway show.  As well as the music that was provided by John Barry, that kept you on the edge of your seat with its funk-a-fide sound and beat.


A week  long event that would keep any fashion crazed person elated is just the kind of thing that will bring me back next year.


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