Summer Bucket List

It finally got pretty warm here over the weekend, which had my busting out my A/C.  I went to the beach yesterday with my family after our mothers day brunch and I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my time this summer. Besides, working and taking classes, there are some other stuff that I would like to see happen.

I haven’t really made a bucket list in quite some time and I think it’s important to keep the list as something that could be attainable in the near future. I don’t like making lists/goals that could take years to complete. That is beyond frustrating to me.

Summer 2015

-Go to the beach at least twice a month. Last year I only went twice total.

-Find a new vineyard to taste some wines at.

-Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago

-Find some new books to read from the library

-Go to Hoboken for the day and see Carlo’s bakery

-Go to a baseball game

-Find a new brewery to visit

-Go hiking and kayaking

-Have more date nights with Chris in NJ

I know it’s going to be really tough to stick to this list when I am at a loss of things to do because of school and work. I am also in a wedding in August, so I’m pretty sure I can make the Chicago thing happen because it is near there.

I’m hoping for a good summer regardless! What are your plans for the summer?! Have a good Monday lovelies!


xoxo Lindsay

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