Summer Wardrobe Essentials

While we all love a trend, there are a few essentials no wardrobe is truly complete without. They are the items that we turn to when creating almost any outfit, interchanging perfectly to match whatever situation or style you need. Throughout the summer months, these essentials make getting dressed much less of a hassle. After all, while summer should be sunny, the weather can be unpredictable. With that in mind, here are six summer wardrobe essentials you should own. 

1. Chic Midi Skirt

Jean shorts may seem the perfect summer staple, but it’s midi skirts that are actually best at keeping you cool. Not only do they cover a little more of your skin, protecting it from harmful UV rays, but the flow of the fabric creates a breeze while you walk too. When you take the time to find a midi skirt that you love, you’ll have no trouble creating outfits for the daytime or evening.

2. Short Cropped Top

Picking loose clothing, rather than tight-fitting items is usually best throughout the summer. However, a short cropped top is an exception to this rule. Choosing a top with moisture-wicking technology means that your top half will stay cool and dry no matter how warm it gets. You can also match this item easily with plaid shirts, shorts, or skirts depending on the weather. 

3. Oversized Denim Jacket

Although you would think you don’t need much outerwear during the warmer months of the year, the weather can be unpredictable. Perfect for mornings, evenings, and the occasional chilly day, a denim jacket can keep you warm whatever the weather. By picking an oversized garment, you can keep your outfits loose, flowing, and comfortable, rather than fitted to your body. 

4. Neutral Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the perfect footwear style for summer. Equal parts comfortable and stylish, these shoes can be worn just as easily with boyfriend jeans or culotte pants as they can with a midi skirt or cocktail dress. While there are lots of colorful options that you could go for, you can’t go wrong with a neutral black or nude. This ensures that your shoes match every outfit you have. 

5. Colorful Crossbody Bag

Since lighter colors reflect light and therefore heat, most people stick with white and pastel clothes throughout summer. Although it would be sensible for you to do the same, no summer wardrobe is truly complete without a pop of color. This is where a crossbody bag could come in. Because you don’t wear this accessory like you do clothes, you don’t risk making yourself warm.

6. Wide Brim Hat

Style and sun safety doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. With a wide brim hat, you can keep your head cool, protect your face from UV rays, and complete your summer look all at the same time. Everyone should own a hat, and if you don’t already, it’s just because you haven’t found the right one. If you’re having trouble choosing a hat, ask an employee at a hat shop to help you. 

With the essentials above in your wardrobe, you can ensure that you never have nothing to wear this summer. 

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