• Incredible Experiences In Rome

    Are you heading to Rome for an unforgettable vacation? With so much to see and do in this magical city, it’s common for travelers to miss out a view of the incredible attractions and sites. On this list, you’re going to find some of the best things that you must fit into your travel plans when booking a trip to the best city in Italy. St. Peter’s Basilica  The architectural design of this renaissance era building is truly captivating. You can explore it for yourself and wander around   If you visit sites like Ashley and Constance, you’ll find countless tips for visiting places like Rome. One of the things…

  • Fancy A Little “Light” Reading?

    While perusing Etsy for handmade, one of a kind travel items for an upcoming trip I stumbled upon these made to order Europe Travel Lamp Shade made from Vintage 35mm Slides.  How crazy awesome are these?! MADE TO ORDER one-of-a-kind handmade lampshade made from travel slides! Slides are a mix of French, Italian and random European local travel souvenirs from the 50s onward, most with professional photos and labels of their locations. Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery time, send us your requests for special locations – we might have the slides! This shade is 16″ across, perfect for a large desk, table, or floor lamp Washer top. Ships in oversized box.