The 12 Days of Pink: Dear Kate

Dear Kate is revolutionizing underwear. More importantly they are making our monthly visits just a little bit easier to deal with. Dear Kate is no ordinary piece of clothing. To sum things up they have designed leak free lingerie. And no we aren’t just talking about “sexy” undergarments but rather a whole line for every day wear, including when your “friend” visits.

We’ve all been there. Caught by surprise again and again, it’s downright impressive how quickly you can exit a room with your back to the wall. What if there were a solution that didn’t involve a sweatshirt around the waist?

Introducing Dear Kate: revolutionary, leak-resistant underthings for women. The brilliance is in the fabric. Dear Kate’s founder utilized her chemical engineering background to create the patent-pending fabric lining each pair of underwear. Comprised of two luxurious microfiber layers and a thin, breathable outer layer, this is revolutionary fabric to the rescue.

Dear Kates are designed for real women. Each pair is machine washable, unbelievably comfortable and a peace-of-mind guarantee.

We really like these underwear so much that we think asking Santa for a pair or two is an excellent idea. These will generally cost you around $30 but I think its worth the price to have hot underwear instead of the “period” underwear I know we all have.



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