The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Pink Schmoopy Soy and Bees Wax Cupcake Melts

Mmmm how delicious do these look?! I bet they smell even better!

What’s better this holiday season than Pink Sugar, Marshmallow and Coconut scented soy and bees-wax cupcake melts?!

Etsy is a wonderful place to find many more fantastic items for the people on your list this year.

Your highly scented wax cupcake will come in its own beautiful clear box with its leopard bow. 1 cupcake weighs about .78 to 1 ounce and equals about 3 scent cubes. Perfect for a large room.

Need something smaller for your plug-ins? Try our mini-cupcakes available in all our scents.

Love our cupcakes and want more? Then try our deal for a 3 pack of cupcakes, available in all scents.

All our cupcakes melt perfectly in all scents and Walmart warmers and plugins.

Free samples with every order.

(we think this would make a great yankee swap/secret Santa gift)


mmm cupcake melts




I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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