The ABC’s of me!

I’ve actually done a post like this quite a few years ago, so I think it’s time for an update! While browsing my Bloglovn’ feed I came across this post from my blogger friend Lindsay! Of course I was like, I’m going to steal this, so here I am, stealing her post, and making it my own…love ya!


Age: 32, will be 33 in August!

Biggest fear: not becoming successful

Current time: 7:29pm

Drink you last had: water

Easiest person to talk to: my brother Adam

Favorite song: of all time? Champagne Supernova

Grossest memory: throwing up in my sleep and waking up to my walls covered in puke

Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island

Jealous of: those people who live in the same state as their boyfriends

Killed someone: hmmm, don’t think so…

Longest relationship: 7 years with an ex

Middle name: Marie

Number of siblings: 1 brother

One wish: to live in the same state as my man (1 more year)

Person you last called: my cousin Erica

Question you’re always asked: how old are you? followed by, you can’t be 32!

Reason to live: family and Christopher

Song you last sang: Bad Blood by T-Swift

Time you woke up: 6:25am

Underwear color: black at the moment

Vacation destination: anywhere! but dying to go to Prague

Worst habit: binge eating

X-rays you’ve had: perhaps 10 over my life

Your favorite food: Mexican and pizza

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Feel free to steal this as well if you’re looking for a new post (which I was totally looking for tonight)! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


xoxo Lindsay



I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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