The Best Bathing Suits For Your Body

Picking out a bathing suit for your body is quite possibly one of the hardest things us women go through.

Whether your tall, petite, plus sized, or boy shaped we’ve found some great bathing suits that will be sure to make you beach ready.

If your plus sized:

-Stick with a one-piece or a tankini

-Find something with ruching along the middle, it will help to hide your stomach

-Flattering v-necks are always good too, draw attention to your assets

If your petite: 

-Stick with low rise bottoms, it will help  make you look taller

-Grab a halter top to elongate your neck

If your tall:

-Higher cut bottoms will keep your legs nice and long

-Boy cut bottoms will help to disminish your height

If your boy shaped:

-Opt for a push up top

-Boy cut bottoms will make your bottom look bigger then it is

Best Bathing Suits For Your Body

PETIT AMOUR Umstands-Tankini
€69 –

Miss Selfridge one piece bathing suit
$57 –

Reiss bikini bathing suit
$95 –

Black bikini
$64 –

Rosa Cha bikini bathing suit
£50 –

Rosa Cha bikini bathing suit
$61 –

Paul Joe Sister bikini bathing suit
£60 –

We Are Handsome bikini bathing suit
$84 –

Bikini bathing suit
$55 –

Violet Lake bikini bathing suit
$90 –

Violet Lake bikini bathing suit
$85 –

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