The Great Pantie Challenge Of 2012

What is the great pantie challenge of 2012 you ask? Well allow me to explain and just bare with me for a moment.

About a week or two ago I was putting away laundry more specifially my panties when I noticed that I hardly ever wear my “cute” or “sexy” panties. I have a spent a fortune over the years buying cute panties but yet I never seem to wear them. Don’t get me wrong plain cotton panties are  my staple during the week but I’ve realized that what is the point in buying cute panties if your never going to wear them. 

Which brings me to my challenge:

  • I’ve decided to challenge myself to wear one pair of my cute panties once a day for 7days.
  • And just so I will follow through I’ve taken real pictures of my undergarments and numbered them accordingly.

I know that it just can’t be ME who wears the same old boring panties day in and day out so I would challenge all the readers of Fashionista’s Travel’s to take the Great Pantie Challenge of 2012 with me. 

Who’s up for the challenge?

Your significant other will thank you or me; I accept payment in the form of Coach bags.

(By the way this challenge starts on Sunday)


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