The Lady Project Summit {in review}

This past weekend was my very first Lady Project Summit. Only registering three weeks prior I was very unsure and nervous about what to expect. I have been to other conferences but this one seemed different. First of all I didn’t know ANYONE. Usually I try to find a few people via Twitter or Facebook to connect with prior to showing up but this time I had only been in contact with 1 person from Twitter. I didn’t even end up meeting up with her till around lunch time.

Regardless, I paid for my ticket, and since it was being held in Providence (10 minutes from my house) I figured why not just go. Well, it turns out, I am beyond happy that I attended. I ended up meeting a few great girls and learning a lot at a few of the workshops I attended.


I attended 5 workshops but my absolute favorites were “Creating a better Instagram account” and a workshop on “branding” which was done by “The Lovely it Girl.”

The Instagram workshop was so helpful!! I have already started to carry out the ideas and suggestions. I am proud to say it has already made a difference. Some of the suggestions were to add locations to all pictures, not to post “ugly” pictures, keep to your brand, and use your phone’s camera. After doing all of these I have noticed quite the increase in activity and likes on my photos. I have also started using this app to edit my photos called PicLab. Sure it takes an extra few minutes but it is really worth it.


The Branding workshop I attended was probably my favorite. Focusing on your brand is so important, and I think we often forget to do that as bloggers. At some point it becomes just about content and you end up not staying true to who you are and what your site is about. I was having this problem when it came to my Instagram account, for sure. Some of the tips that I picked up from this workshop was to stay consistent, create a message, mantra, and mission statement. By doing these simple things, I have felt better about what exactly I am doing over here.


Lets not forget about networking, because I was able to do plenty of that. I got over my nerves and ended up meeting  few girls who I had something in common with (blogging). There weren’t as many bloggers as I would have liked and I really would have loved a workshop on SEO because I really seem to struggle with that.

My swag bag was also something of AWESOME. Filled with tons of freebies, products, and chocolate in a super cute tote bag, it was a win-win. I’m super excited to now be a part of the PVD Lady Project and I can’t wait to attend another conference or meet-up.

some of my swag bag goodies
some of my swag bag goodies

What types of conferences if any do you attend? Are you part of The Lady Project? Do you have any tips for finding and attending conferences? Tell us in the comments below! Hope you are having a lovely week!


xoxo Lindsay


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