The Story of Us…

It’s no secret that I am in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. His name is Chris and he is my best friend and love of my life. Last night I spent some time thinking about new blog topics and this one came to mind. I spent a lot of February blogging about our Valentine’s Day and the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t even shared our story yet.

How we met…

We met online as most couples do nowadays but whats interesting about this was he sought me out. Back then he was only 26 and I just turned 30, so needless to say he wasn’t even in my search criteria. I mean he was 6 months older than my brother (cradle robber) is what I was thinking. Anyways what I did next is still like it was yesterday. I read the message he sent me and immediately screen shot it and sent his picture to my friend to ask for his opinion. haha! Needless to say he told me to go for it. I emailed Chris back and we started an email conversation that eventually went to texting.

Our first “date”…

One night I was out to dinner with my friend (same friend as before) and I get a message from Chris asking if I want to meet up that night. I proceed to tell him that I would like too but I am with my friend whose a guy if that is alright with him. It was, so he met us out at a bar. The 3 of us got along really well and to be honest the jury was still out on Chris. He was cute and funny but I just wasn’t sure if he was “for me”. After that night we continued to talk and had some real dates. After a few weeks I started to think that he could be the one for me.

Our very first picture together
Our very first picture together
one of my favorites
one of my favorites

Break up then get back together…

I would be lying if I said we hadn’t had our ups and downs like all couples but the point is we have gotten through most of them. Last Spring we actually broke up for a few months to sort through our issues and I really thought that was it for us. I had come to terms that I needed to start dating again and that’s what I did. Chris and I never stopped talking and come that June we decided to try our relationship again. Is it cliche to say the rest is history? ‘Cause it pretty much is.

Christmas party
Christmas party
a friends wedding



Several months after we got back together, Chris decided to move to NJ for a company that he started (so proud). We agreed that we wanted to stay together and since it is only a 3 hour drive door to door things have been working out very well!! It’s almost crazy how happy I am and we are. There are still issues from time to time but that is the case with all couples. This time around we are sticking together and working through because when push comes to shove we are in love.

our latest picture
our latest picture

Thank you for taking the time to read “our story”. I love sharing my relationship with you!!


xoxo Lindsay

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