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Have you ever thought about going abroad and either teaching or helping out in some other way? Well that’s the scenario I’ve been going through for a few months now. Figuring out a way to travel and actually get something out of it.

Sure everyone can take a vacation but besides getting a tan, what do you really get out of it.  Which brings me to my NEW endeavor; volunteering with International Volunteer HQ.

If your looking for a great organization to volunteer with that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg then take a look at all the programs they have to offer. And before you start asking yourself, no I don’t work for them.

I’m just a Teacher in Rhode Island looking to make more of a difference. So that  being said I’m taking the journey to Costa Rica on July 1 for two weeks to teach English.

Some of the benefits to working with this company are:

  • With program fees starting from USD$180, you will not find a more affordable, high quality and trustworthy international volunteer organization.
  • The program fees you pay go directly to an organization in the country you will be volunteering in and are used to pay for expenses associated with your stay such as food, accommodation, transport, orientation and  staff salaries to ensure your volunteering stay in the host country goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Generally the only requirement for volunteers is to be fluent in English.
  • We do not have a deadline for applications and registrations but our advice is to apply and register as soon as you have your dates set. This allows you to be linked up to an IVHQ program coordinator who will help you prepare for your trip abroad.

Its important to do research before shelling out money to any organization. So far my process with them has been fairely easy and hassle free! I would highly recommend getting involoved with them.

Stay tuned for more upcoming articles as I prepare for my journey.

Also if you can spare a little it will go a long way DONATE HERE

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