tis’ the season

I can’t believe there are only 12 days until Christmas!! As I’m writing this, the thoughts of so many more presents to buy is becoming a reality, its times like this I wish Santa was real! 

Anyways, it occurred to me as I sit here and browse ideas online that maybe I should make a blog post about it (that’s typically how this works). And I thought that maybe, just maybe, others were having a rough time thinking of places and gifts just like me? Okay so if you are in the same boat as me, follow along…

Photo by George Dolgikh 
  1. Give the gift of alcohol. Yes, you read that right, I’m starting right at the top with booze. Now, of course this only applies to people who drink but if they do, you can NEVER go wrong with wine, Baileys, tequila, fancy vodka, craft beer…the list goes on and on. 
  2. Groupon and no this isn’t sponsored. I only say this because, I, myself, a few moments ago purchased a Groupon. I totally tend to forget about using Groupon but they had some awesome deals on there earlier today! 
  3. Books. I love books and most people do to. I’m not just talking novels, but there are so many different kinds of books out there. Self-help, coffee table books, memoirs..I mean there really is a book for EVERYONE. 
  4. I guess we can mention Amazon in this post but I feel like its a given…
  5. Etsy! I just love using Etsy to find creative new pieces, you can find some pretty good romantic gift ideas on there too. hint hint
  6. Donations. Make a donation is someones name. This is good for people you don’t know overly well or for those people who seriously have everything. 
  7. Short on cash? Offer up a service (legally of course) that you are good at. Painting, house cleaning, personal shopper, etc. 
  8. Make it yourself. I used to love making scrap books but now everything is online. I bet if you think long and hard you can think of something to make, like cookies! 
  9. Food. Food is also one of those gifts that you can buy from specialty stores or a simple cookie platter is always a win-win. 
  10. I’m gonna throw gift cards into this one, but lets be specific like grocery stores, gas cards, coffee; figure out what the person likes or could use. I personally would love a Whole Foods gift card! 

Okay, so I gave you 10 and I wasn’t sure I was even going to come up with that many BUT I actually love this list! So tell me, what are your ideas? 

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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