’tis the season…

I walked into CVS today and almost jumped out of my skin because of the scary Halloween figure they have greeting you at the entrance. Not only was I ready to scream out loud, but it dawned on me how close Halloween is, which means the others are right around the corner.

So then I came home and jumped online where I was immediately greeted by Facebook ads for holiday cards. Is the world trying to tell me something? Does it know that I haven’t even thought of a costume or where I plan to spend the holidays? Needless to say my inner Christmas geek lit up and I clicked on the ad.

What I came to was a site I had never been to before, Minted (.com). Have you visited this site before? I was completely in love with EVERYTHING, not just the holiday card selection. Minted is takes actual artist designs and sells them on their site. Like I said, there is everything from photos, frames, cards, and custom pillows. I love the photos and handmade frames A LOT. However right now I think my focus will be on their holiday card selection.

The last time I sent out holiday cards was when I was with my ex. My current man-slice and I have yet to send out cards because truth be told, he’s rather a Grinch. However, I was thinking that it might be nice to send out a few cards this year, especially with the selection on Minted.

So after poking around the site for a bit, I fell in love with these 3 card/styles. I’m leaning more towards #2 because of our semi-long distance relationship, but I need YOUR HELP! Help me choose which holiday card we should send out!

Choice #1
Choice #2
Choice #3


The possibilities are endless and I’m really looking forward to hearing what you guys think!! Please tell me your pick in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay


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