To The Bloggers Who Think They Are Not Good Enough; You Are

Everyone has doubts. We all have days when we feel small – smaller than others – and inappropriate. It’s always an uncomfortable situation, regardless of what you do. If you work in an office, for instance, your coworkers might notice that you are becoming a little quiet than usual, as if waiting for a better time when you would feel stronger and safer. Days like this happen to the best of us!

But if you’re a blogger, you don’t have the luxury of staying quiet. The purpose of your activity is to be seen and read, which can feel like an impossible challenge when your self-confidence becomes an obstacle. You might find yourself thinking that you’re not good enough to appeal to your readers.

You might not meet your expectations at first

It’s fair to assume that you’ve started your blogging journey with an image in mind of what it should be like, and more importantly, how your blog should look and feel to your readers and yourself. In other words, you embraced the blogging adventures with your heart filled with expectations. While expectations are not a bad thing per se, they can sometimes cause you to be blind to the goodness around you. Indeed, having explicit assumptions of what you want to achieve leads to the inevitable dilemma of unmet expectations. Is the fact that your blog not quite precisely what you had in mind a bad thing? The truth is that just because what you get isn’t exactly what you hoped doesn’t mean that the outcome lacks quality. More importantly, expectations can be a great cause of torment as they create disappointment when they are left unmet. But it’s important to understand that your expectations can distort the reality around you. They are causing you not to enjoy the blessings you receive. You have to learn to accept your blog for what it is today. While you can improve it to move it in the direction you wish and achieve the outcome you hope for, you have to love and embrace your current online presence and the hard work you put in it.

Your blog is not the business you dreamed of

As a blogger, your online presence can serve a variety of purposes. It’s important to understand that most bloggers start their journey online with at heart the desire to share their stories and help others. It’s only as the blog evolves and grows that they can also turn their passion into a source of income. Monetizing your blog, however, doesn’t happen overnight. As this little guide explains,, it can take a lot of time to build your readership and your online profile. But it would be a mistake to compare your website against other blogs that might already be generating income. This approach is likely to make you doubt your skills as a blogger and storyteller, which is not the point of the exercise.

There might be a million of reasons why your blog is not yet self-financing. Everything begins with identifying your niche, namely something you are passionate about, and that also offers underserved topic areas. For example, you need to find an angle to approach your favorite topic that nobody has explored first, as you are more likely to appeal to new readers. Your blogging platform can make a great deal of difference too. Maybe your content is spot on, but the platform doesn’t make it justice? If you want to turn your blogging presence into a career, you need to be strategic about it.

Nobody reads me!

Why do people read blogs? Because they value your authenticity. As a blogger, this is an important point to take home and reflect upon, as it means that the very nature of your online presence allows you the right to be imperfect. You’ve probably stumbled across brands on social media and in advertising that try to tap into popular trends to appeal to the audience. They can use trendy jargon and build in cultural idioms in such a way that they appear inauthentic in their efforts to keep in touch with the market evolutions. As a blogger, you are your own brand. You can’t afford to fall in the same trap. Your authenticity lies in the honest pursuit of who you are and what you believe.

Others bloggers have more interesting stories

Is my story really that interesting?

When you start nagging about whether or not your story is worth telling, you forget something crucial: Every path in life is unique. Your story, therefore, is one of a kind, Your readers will be able to recognize your uniqueness if you are not afraid to be authentic in front of them. It’s not a competition between bloggers and their stories. Every life path is unique and filled with fascinating anecdotes.

Your story is inspiring to others and yourself

Many bloggers worry that their experience might not be inspiring. In reality, when you begin to share your experience, you can make a significant difference to the world. Firstly, you are able to heal yourself and define your new purpose. More importantly, you learn to inspire yourself to accomplish more than you thought was possible.

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