Top Tips for Perfect Party Makeup

With the party season approaching it is crucial that you know how to get the perfect look from your makeup before attending this years’ festivities. You may be someone who doesn’t usually wear a lot of makeup, but are going for a different look in order to dazzle this winter. At the same time, makeup could be something that you wear on a day-to-day basis, but are looking to change it up and add a point of difference to your appearance.

Whatever the motivations for going for glamorous makeup this winter, follow these top tips to ensure you look the part and grab attention for the right reasons.

Dressing Up or Down

Without question, the single biggest trap people fall into when doing their makeup for a party is failing to consider what they are wearing. If you are wearing a glamorous dress to a cocktail bar, then you don’t need to go over the top with your makeup, allow the dress to do the work for you.

Alternatively, if you are “dressing down” and simply going to a more casual party wearing jeans and a shirt, for example, then you should look to pull out all the stops when it comes to your makeup. Avoid looking tacky by wearing a sparkly dress then pairing it with sparkling makeup. If you’re dressed like a princess, go for simple, neutral makeup, but go full glamour if you are dressed down for the occasion.

What is the Focus?

Looking closer at makeup, you have a decision to make over which part of your face you want to emphasise. Notice we say part, singular, meaning that you should go for either the eyes or the mouth. If you go for both, then you better be going to some weird and twisted party that requires you to go looking like a clown, because I’m afraid that’s all you will be achieving in this case.

If you plump for lips, then a simple lipstick and lip liner will do the trick, while for eyes you can go for shimmer, shadow, pencil, mascara, fake lashes, or whatever you need to in order to put emphasis on them. With much more in the way of possibilities, we always favor going for the eyes, but the choice is yours.

Wild Eyebrows

You can put your heart and soul into great makeup, but if you don’t get your eyebrows shaped you will look a sloppy, unkempt mess, to be blunt. Make sure this is a crucial part of your preparation for party season – get them done now so you aren’t panicking for an appointment with everyone else who realizes they’ve left it to the last-minute.

Make the most of your makeup this party season, and put yourself in position to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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